Ants have six legs and live in a colony made up of thousands of individual ants. Depending on the species of ant, a colony may have a singular queen in a nest or multiple queens in as many nests. Killing the workers that are invading your house will not rid the ants from your home. Effective ant control strategies target the queen/s in order to have the systemic issue solved. Commonly found in kitchens, pantries and bathrooms, they've been known to use your walls, ceiling and sub-floors to get almost anywhere within your house.

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In General

Not to be confused with termites, ants are believed to have evolved from their wasp-like ancestors 140-160 million years ago. Ants are social insects that live in socially organised colonies consisting of queens, males and workers. Colony sizes can differ immensely, ranging from a few thousand to a few million, with the queens living typically for up to 15 years.

There are now more than 15,000 known species and subspecies of ant found worldwide, with around 3,000 known ant species found here in Australia. Only a small few of these species are considered ‘nuisance’ pests, namely the following types of ant:

  • the White-Footed
  • the Black House
  • the Argentine
  • the Coastal Brown
  • the Pharaoh

If you think you have an infestation, read on to find out more about how your home could benefit from our ant pest control services.

As Pests

Ants are a common insect often found in and around buildings; around foundations and in walls, kitchens, roof voids, rockeries, lawns, gardens and trees. More often than not, these insects will establish a permanent nest with their activity emanating from this central point. Common nest sites include decaying wood, soil, roof voids, cavity walls, and heating ducts.

Ants are typically problematic when constructing their nests, especially if they choose to do so within your home, due to the mess they leave behind. They’re also an annoyance when foraging for food and water. Ants can be attracted to a wide range of food sources depending on their feeding habits, with preferences varying from sweets to meats, fats, proteins and animal materials. They will search for water sources indoors during particularly dry periods, hence why they’re often found in and around bathtubs and shower recesses.

Ants can cause damage to pathways as a result of their underground excavations and are particularly unsightly when found in otherwise sealed, cupboards and containers in your kitchen, fridge or pantry. There are also known instances of these insects carrying disease organisms that are harmful to humans, such as dysentery.


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You forgot to pack away last night’s take away food container, and those ants that you’ve seen wandering across your kitchen window sill before are now swarming the leftovers. What should you do? If you’re thinking “I need an ant exterminator near me”, then you’re certainly on the right track.

Give us a call. Do-it-yourself methods of ant pest control only kill the ants that you see then and there. They don’t offer any long-term or effective solutions to the problem, and if you’ve seen them in your home before, you can bet that there’s a nest somewhere nearby. This is why you need a fully qualified and well-respected ant exterminator, like us.

There are two crucial factors to effective ant pest control:

  1. Identifying the species concerned; and
  2. Locating the nest site(s).

At Defender Pest Control Specialists, our ant pest control treatments are administered by a reliable ant exterminator from our team. They will complete a thorough inspection of the household to determine the type of species and the extent of the infestation. The inspection is conducted within the ceiling and subfloor areas (access permitting), internally and externally for nests and points of entry into the premise.

Our technician will use an insecticide dust in your roof void, subfloor and electrical fittings, as required. Externally, an insecticide spray will be applied to and around all external walls, windows, door frames, sheds and garden areas where it is deemed necessary and safe. An additional internal spray is applied to skirting boards and areas of high activity to ensure that your ant pest control treatment is as effective as possible.

The goal with our ant pest control services is to have the insecticide transferred to the queen. Once the queen is eradicated, the colony ceases to function and dies. Worker insects pass food and liquids between colony members through a process called trophallaxis. As such, we utilise this feeding behaviour and the way ants communicate to ensure that your home is rid of all infestations. This process can take up to 30 days. If activity continues beyond the 30-day ant pest control period, an additional treatment may be required and is included at no extra cost.

The cost of the average ant pest control treatment can vary significantly. Much like a termite treatment, prices vary based on the severity of the infestation, the size of your home and what types of treatment can be successfully utilised on your property. Some home designs preclude us from using specific treatment options, so at the end of the day, the price of our ant exterminator will be dependent on the best treatment option available given your circumstances.


Unlike termite infestations, where the signs that your home is infested are more subtle, indicators of an ant pest control problem are more obvious. You’ll notice the little insects in your pantry or along your window sill, often navigating from the nest (which will be very close to your home) to a food source they have found inside.

Likewise, the signs might start off more gradually. Indeed, you might see a few stray ants or insects here or there, nothing much. However, if you don’t investigate properly, you might suddenly have a fully-fledged colony on your hands. You don’t want this to happen, so make sure you Google “ant exterminator near me” for reliable and convenient assistance.

The most obvious sign of an ant infestation is if you notice large mounds or nests near your home. They will often be adjacent to exterior walls. Whilst the mound might appear insignificant, upon further inspection, you’ll probably notice a trail of ants from the source. Make sure you get in touch with a highly-qualified ant exterminator, so they can provide the necessary treatment to solve your woes.

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Prevention Tips!

  • As with cockroaches, it is important to ensure that food and drinks spills are cleaned up promptly, that bins are regularly emptied, and cans and bottles going into recycling are cleaned and rinsed before being disposed of in the garbage. Pet food should also be cleared away at the end of the day and their feeding areas kept clean.
  • Don’t leave food out on your kitchen bench overnight, nor should you leave food out for long periods of the day for that matter. Once you have finished with whatever food you have, store it properly in your pantry or fridge and clean any cutlery or kitchen utensils you used during your food preparation.
  • It helps to have loose foods stored in tight containers and ensure that any cracks around doors, windows, bathtubs and shower cubicles are sealed to reduce points of entry. You should perform a thorough inspection of your home to determine if there are any access points you could prevent. For example, overhanging branches can essentially provide a highway for insects and ants to enter your home. Trim back any branches (with council approval, of course) to minimise this threat. Similarly, seal any cracks in your home using a sealant or silicone.
  • You shouldn’t discount your pets either. Sometimes, your loyal companions can inadvertently invite unwanted insects into your home, often because their food and water bowls can attract insects. Make sure you keep their bowls relatively clean throughout the day and store dry pet food in sealed plastic containers, so you’re not attracting insects.
  • At the end of the day, however, it is important to understand that these tips will not solve your problems, especially if you have a serious infestation and need professional help from an ant exterminator. These strategies will only minimise the threat of ongoing infestations.
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