STOP! If you think you have termites do not disturb them and CALL US NOW!. Termites can cause SIGNIFICANT damage to your property. Most insurance policies DO NOT cover termite damage.

Your property is a HUGE ASSET, do not leave it to chance. Termites are in every suburb of Melbourne, get it checked out for peace of mind.

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In General

Termites, also known as “white ants”, are the most destructive pests in Australia. White ants are known to cause more damage to Australian properties than fire, floods and storms combined. And their damage is not covered by household insurance. In 2012, it was estimated that the annual economic damage caused by termites alone amounted to AU$1.5 billion! Not only is their damage costly, but they can also wipe tens of thousands off a home’s value.

With the risks so high, regular termite pest control inspections can and will reduce the chances of major damage being caused to your home by infestations.


Despite what their common name suggests, termites are in fact a social type of cockroach, and can be grouped into three main categories:

  • Dampwood
  • Drywood
  • Subterranean

Like ants, termites work and live in complex social colonies. Mature white ant colonies can contain millions of specialised individuals. Termite kings and queens can live for over 20 years, with some subterranean termite queens capable of producing more than 1000 eggs per day!

The primary difference between termites and ants is physiological. Termites are mostly pale brown to white in colour as compared to the variety of colour found in ants, and physically – shape, construction and attributes – they have evolved differently. Ants do not destroy sound timber, nor do they leave behind faecal marks, which are often characteristic of termites, as with cockroaches.

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These termites love damp, decaying wood: in a forest or your fence - they don't mind!

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dywood termites


These termites get all the water they need from the wood they live in.

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subterranean termites


About a third of all unprotected properties are subject to attack from these termites!

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