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At Defender Pest Control Specialists, we only use products that are child and pet friendly. These pesticides are approved by Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. The same products used in your home are also used within childcare centers and medical practices.

The products used by Defender Pest Control Specialists are pet friendly.

Please inform the technician of any pets you may have on the day, where possible, we recommend removing your pets whilst the treatment is being conducted.

Cats and Dogs: To be removed from the premise. Most Defender Pest Control clients take their furry friends to a neighbour’s home until the treatment has been applied and allowed to dry (typically 3-4 hours depending on the weather). When this is not an option, a room such as the laundry or garage can be utilized. Please remove any food or water bowls from areas to be treated.

Fish: please cover any aquariums with glad wrap and cover any ponds with an appropriate covering such as a tarp.

Birds: where possible please cover the bird cage with an appropriate covering such as a tarp and move into an area not to be treated. If a large aviary exits please cover with a tarp or similar.

Our qualified technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business and will recommend the most appropriate treatment for your pest problem.

This will include a step by step walk through prior to commencing and will include advice on preventative measures and recommendations on proofing your home from recurrence.

Defender Pest Control Specialists take the health and safety of the environment, you the customer and that of our technicians very seriously. Our technicians are trained in the safety and correct application of pesticides and will direct you accordingly on the day of treatment.

​When conducting treatment such as Rodents or Cockroach infestations you are not required to leave the property.

When conducting a general pest spray, the greatest risk of exposure to the pesticides is when they are applied (or sprayed) and as such we recommend you leave the premise and return once the treatment has dried (this will typically take 3-4 hours depending on the weather).

Once dried the pesticide will leave a residual barrier that will provide ongoing defense against target pests.

Depending on the size of your home and the treatment required the duration may vary. Our qualified technician will advise you on the day of treatment. As a guide, a general pest treatment for a 3-bedroom home will take approx. 1 hour.

General Pest Sprays are effective immediately. Our products effect in two ways; via direct application and by creating a residual barrier offering ongoing defense against general pests.

​For Rodent Treatments, allow 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of the population additional treatments may be required.

Cockroach Treatments are effective immediately but depending on the species and size of the infestation an additional treatment may be required.

If only lightly raining then the treatment can continue as scheduled. In the case of heavy rain our technician can complete the interior of your home and return to complete the exterior when the weather permits. Alternatively, the appointment can be rescheduled.

Payments can be made via Cash, Mastercard, Visa or bank transfer/PayID.

A 6-month warranty period is offered on all general pest sprays.

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