Are you moving out and need an end of lease flea treatment for your rental manager so that it’s ready for the new tenants? If you need to satisfy a ‘make good’ arrangement as part of a real estate contract and know that you have ants, spiders or some other problem infesting the property, then you need to have it professionally taken care of. Look no further! Our expert exterminators will quickly, reliably, and affordably cleanse the entire space of these pests so that you can finally put it all behind you. Trying to do it yourself might save money, but you will more than likely not do a thorough enough job and will miss things that will cause you to fail inspection. If you have a ‘make good’ clause in your contract, you can rely on our end of lease pest control services to ensure you get your bond money back!

If you have been searching for a flea exterminator, look no further and call us on 0452 632 472 or contact us for a FREE quote for end of lease flea treatment today!

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In General

They are small (1.5-4.0 mm long), brownish, parasitic insects that pierce and suck the blood of their hosts, causing irritation and scratching of the affected area. As you no doubt know already, they are the bane of many a pet’s existence and have been an arch enemy of pet owners for millennia.

While there are thousands of products for medically treating the infestation in your pet’s fur, the problem is only going to continue to occur until you address it at the source. This is why engaging a service like flea fumigation is the best way to clear them away for good and promote the health of your pets – or clear the property at the end of your lease.

Where Do They Hide?

Fleas like living in carpets, or wherever your pet spends most of their time whilst indoors. Outdoors, they prefer shaded areas and sandy soils. They can manipulate their growth rate, remaining in their pre-adult state for long periods of time. Vibrations (from pets and people walking past), heat, noise and carbon dioxide are all external stimuli which suggest a blood meal is present and so prompt the adult insect to emerge from its cocoon. They will then jump onto their victims when they sense their presence and start to feed on their blood. As their jumping range is between 150-200 mm, most bites appear around the ankles and lower legs of their victims typically as small, hard, red itching spots. However, bites can appear elsewhere. For example, if the infestation is in your bed or sofa, then bites can be widespread.

Because of how deeply infested these pesky little insects can become in a home, you should call Defender and ask us about our flea pest control services, including end of lease flea treatments. Our team is highly experienced with these kinds of whole-home purges that require every last nook and cranny to be sprayed and cleaned of the tiny eggs that fleas are notorious for.


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There are four stages to their life cycle – egg, larva, pupa and adult. Most eggs are laid on your pet (the host animal), however these usually fall off and so can be found in essentially any place visited by your pet. Your pets bedding is especially likely to house a high concentration of eggs, and anywhere that they might like to rest, such as the mat at the front or back door to your house, or even on your bed and sofa! These eggs then take anywhere between 2-14 days to hatch.

Other common hiding spots include between floorboards, under rugs and in carpets, along skirting boards and in furniture. Externally, the infant larvae favor sandy soil and gravel, and can otherwise be found in any spot shaded from the sun.

Typically, their populations consist of 50% eggs, 35% larvae, 10% pupae and 5% adults. Overall, the cycle from egg to adult can take anywhere from 2 weeks to eight months, depending upon conditions. When in their silken cocoons, the pupae can survive several months without eating. However, once the pupa emerges as an adult, it must obtain a blood meal in order to survive and reproduce, otherwise it will die within a week.

The eggs are constantly hatching and being laid in an endless cycle while the colony of vampiric insects grows fat on your poor pets. Call Defender’s expert flea exterminator now so you can get affordable flea pest control/end of lease flea fumigation!


Because we have performed end of lease flea treatments and flea fumigations for hundreds of homes around Melbourne, big and small. We know what a really bad infestation looks like and how to completely cleanse it from the premises so that it looks good as new and ready for inspection by new tenants (if you are moving out).

When you look for a flea exterminator and choose to hire Defender to provide you with flea pest control services, you can rest assured that there won’t be any issues.

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Prevention Tips!

On-Time & Fully Equipped
When the technician arrives at your premises to carry out flea pest control services, they will always come at the agreed upon time with the tools necessary to do the job.
You never have to worry about a technician arriving late or needing to travel back to get more supplies – we are ready then and there to help you.

Always Friendly & Courteous
Working with a 3rd party technician, no matter if they are a plumber, electrician or flea pest control expert, is never going to be worthwhile if they are rude or unprofessional with you. At Defender Pest Control Specialists, our technicians are always friendly and courteous with you.

Fair Pricing
Lastly, at Defender we believe that access to end of lease flea fumigation and general flea pest control services should be affordable for everyone, especially if they own innocent pets that are suffering because of the infestation. For these reasons, we keep our prices fair so that nobody is ever stuck without a helping hand.

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