As cunning as a…. Possum?!

Cunning isn't often a word associated with possums, however our most recent experience of managing a persistent possum problem proved that the word could just as accurately describe possums as it does foxes.

Our customer had been experiencing the common sounds of possums taking up residence in the ceiling cavity above her bedroom & walk-in for some time. Initially thought to be birds, an investigation of the shuffling, bumping, padding sounds happening daily as soon as the sun set and again right before the dawn, were more characteristic of possum activity.

Our team investigated the roof space above the customer's bedroom & walk-in. Using a thermal imaging camera, a large heat signature was found and confirmed to be eminating from a possum residing in the ceiling space above the walk-in. An inspection of the external roof space identified a number of potential points of entry. The flushing around the box guttering had not been fully completed leaving such large gaps that a possum could easily fit through and gain access to the ceiling void within.

So far, so good - pest identified and solutions diagnosed. We then proceeded to seal and mesh off the points of entry, leaving one with a one-way trap door installed to allow the possum to escape but not get back in again. Or so we thought...

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Our possum cam picked up this cunning possum figuring out how to out smart the one-way trap door, and gain access back into the ceiling void!

* Mind Blown *

This was going to be a bit trickier than we thought. Some more handy man manoeuvres and a late night stake out was required of our team to ensure the possum was out and that the gap could be well and truly sealed off.

And come the next morning...

Sorry buddy, you'll need to re-make your home elsewhere...

Active possums in your ceiling and/or wall cavities can cause serious damage. Just as with rodents, they can interfere with electrical wiring causing a danger to both themselves and to your household. They are a wild animal and so should be in the wild, not inside your ceiling void or wall cavities.

Regular home maintenance inspections for possible gaps and holes, cutting back overhanging tree branches and maintaining vegetation around your property are simple steps that you can take to ensure possums don't take up residence in your property.

And if you hear shuffling, bumping, padding sounds at sunset and dawn, be sure to give us a call on 0452 632 472 or email us at so that we can humanely evict your unwanted guest!

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