Termite Season!

When was your property last inspected for termites?

Spring is finally here!! After what feels like FOREVER living in lockdown, the sun's been out recently, the weather's starting (sort of) to warm up and we can now spend that little bit longer outside soaking it all in.

But with Spring comes the arrival of TERMITE SEASON!

Termites are without a doubt a homeowners worst #nightmare. Their presence is *almost undetectable and they often go unnoticed for years, even decades, slowly but surely eating the very structure of a property from the inside out.

And when they are finally discovered, the magnitude of the damage caused can be colossal, both in terms of how widespread it is and how economically eye-watering the cost of repair (if possible) will be.

But you have home insurance, right? Your provider will help with the costs. WRONG!

Termites & What to Look For

Termites thrive in dark, temperate, moisture-rich conditions. In Victoria, the most common type of termite is the subterranean termite. Subterranean termites build their earthen packed mud tunnels under your house, up foundations, and around water leaks. Even those trendy railway sleepers often used in contemporary landscaping designs are prime hotspots for termites.

Signs of termite activity include:

  • Weak, sagging, hollow-sounding timber
  • Cracks in timber and plaster, with flaking paint being a key indicator
  • Mud tunnels & tubing on your walls and foundations

“Be proactive, not reactive, for an apparently insignificant issue ignored today can spawn tomorrow's catastrophe.”
- Ken Poirot

What You Can Do

The number one thing you can do to protect your home from being invaded by termites is to inspect, inspect, inspect (did we stress it enough?!). Regular, annual inspections by a professionally trained termite pest controller is your best line of defence.

A professionally trained termite pest controller can advise you as to whether your property is in a termite-prone zone. They can identify vulnerable areas of your home where termite conducive conditions exist, so that you can take the necessary steps to rectify these and reduce your risk. These small steps taken early often come at a much smaller cost than installing a full-blown termite barrier or baiting system and undertaking termite damage rectification works.

Small steps can include:

  • Fixing water leaks and damage, and ensuring sub-floor ventilation is clear and unobstructed. Termites LOVE moisture. Leaks, damage & obstructions can lead to the build up of moisture & humidity - exactly water termites thrive on.
  • Tidying up and removing untreated timber, dead trees & stumps away from your home. Timber is a termite's food source. Why put on a #buffet?!
  • Buying a house? Get a #prepurchase pest inspection & know what you're buying before parting with your cash!

Do Not Disturb!

Termites are very perceptive insects with sharp survival instincts. If disturbed, they'll move on to another food source area and time will be lost trying to find their new location of activity. If you think you’ve found signs of their presence in your property, call us for an #inspection immediately!

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